4 Tips for Choosing your Ultimate Destination Wedding Location!
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Friday, December 29, 2017
By Suzanne
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And so, the adventure begins . . .

You said yes, now the fun begins! If you are considering a destination wedding there are so many things to think about! Where do you start? You could throw caution to the wind, close your eyes, spin the globe, and pack your bag for wherever your finger lands. But, let's be real here, that isn't practical for most of us even if it is a fun parlor game. Let's bring it back to reality here for a minute and talk about some realistic things to consider when you consider the options for your dream wedding. 

1. What's your style? 

No, really! What's your style? As a bride? As a couple? Are you a little bit country? Do you march to the beat of your own drum? Are you more traditional? Eclectic? Are you casual? Formal? Does dangling precariously off of a mountainside while you say your vows appeal to you? Do you love the idea of wiggling your toes in the sand as you say 'I do?' Take a few minutes to really think about this question together and apart. Starting out with your style and your vision for your day will help you begin your focus on where on this beautiful earth you will start your journey together. 


2. The B word (Budget) is important. 

Every couple has a budget and every guest has one too. Every couple has important people they want by their side on their day . . . don't forget that a destination wedding costs your guests a few pennies too. Be considerate about those costs - flights, visas, accommodations, extra luggage for a weeks worth of events, transfers from the airport to the final destination all cost money. Choose an appropriate option for the most important guests on your list and be prepared that some people just need to say no. Don't forget that most of the people attending your wedding have jobs and traveling out of town or overseas takes time so guests also need to factor in vacation time from their jobs to spend your big day with you. 

3. Know the laws. 

Each and every country has their own marriage laws for non-citizens. It's important to know these laws BEFORE you choose a destination. You might need to legally marry before you enter the country. Or maybe you need to be in the country for three nights before your ceremony. You could be required a host a religious ceremony only. It's also important to know the passport and visa laws of the country where you tie the knot. Allow ample time for guests to apply for a visa, if necessary. Working with a travel agent will help you understand the laws before you put deposits down on resorts and sites. 


4. What about the weather? 

Most locations have seasonal weather differences and travel seasons that busier than others. Are you willing to risk the possibility of a hurricane to lower the costs for you and your guests? (Don't forget the travel insurance!) Does the threat of rain during rainy season bother you or are you more go with the flow? What about your guests? Once you've narrowed down your options for your wedding it's good to look at weather patterns, temperatures,  and extreme weather seasons to help you make an informed decision about when to host the big day. And don't forget about the weather at home! Escaping to a hot climate during the doldrums of winter at home sounds like a great idea but blizzards can delay travel OUT of your home. Factor that possibility into the planning if necessary

Are you ready to say "I Do" somewhere other than home? Schedule your complimentary consultation here. I look forward to helping you select the perfect destination to start your marriage off with a lifetime of memories.

xoxo Suzanne

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